Seattle Green Book is a directory of Black-owned businesses including Black co-owned businesses and black practitioners holding space for the community. The directory covers the Puget Sound region across King, Pierce and Snohomish Counties.

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Seattle Green Book’s goal is to support Black- owned businesses by making their services visible to the folks searching for them. That means providing a resource that gets customers to the services and products they need without having to look too hard.

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The directory is free to businesses, which has been made possible by Denkyem Co-OP. Denkyem Co-op is a Social Purpose Corporation based in Seattle. Their purpose is to promote unity within the Black entrepreneur community, and the communities in which they operate. Denkyem is on a mission to provide access to affordable loans for Black-owned businesses. They envision a world where Black-owned small businesses have the resources, support, and trust needed to sustain and grow their enterprises; serving as a beacon in the greater community.


Seattle Green Book was founded by Amanda Williams.

I moved to Washington in 2016 with the intention of building a strong, Black community around me. I taught in the Rainier Beach area and from the moment I stepped into the classroom, I could see the inequities that Seattle faced in education and beyond. I worked to learn more about the history and people in the area, and eventually found myself in spaces that felt like communities. Spaces that were full of culture and stories of Black Seattle, past and present. I wanted to share these places with you and along the way have found more people doing amazing work in the area. I hope the directory helps connect you.