4 No-Excuse Items to Buy Black

Buying Black is an act of conscious consumption. It slows you down and connects you to the makers, the creators, the business people, and the artisans that touch the items that you buy.

That being said, convenience gets the best of us. If you need something quick, and easily found options can draw you in. Especially when shopping is on an app or at the click of a button.

Here are 4 items that are easy to get in the habit of Buying Black. Start here on your journey- allowing yourself to slow down and redirect your spending in the direction of a Black-owned business

1. Candles

Whether you love candles for yourself or as a gift, there is a variety of local options to Buy Black. Candles are consumable, so they aren’t a wasted product that will get pushed back into a drawer or on a self. If you tend to let your candles collect dust – trust me when I say you’ll want to light these. Here are just a few of our favorite locally made, hand poured, hand crafted candles. Search “candle” on Seattle Green Book for more!


Joie + Flora Candles

BLK Sunflower

2. Coffee Beans

Coffee is a well-loved staple in Seattle. The beverage is usually consumed daily, if not multiple times a day for a lot of us. It’s a great Black-owned product to purchase as a subscription. Local company, Noire Pack, has made coffee buying easy by choosing coffees from America’s best Black-Owned Coffee Artisans, delivered right to your door. Here are some of our favorites. Search “coffee” for more as well as a list of cafes to grab a cup to-go.

Boon Boona

Campfire Coffee

Noire Pack

3. House Plants

Buying house plants from a small business means that the plant has probably seen a good amount of care and attention. Local sellers are plant experts- willing to give advice as you embark on your plant care taking journey. Don’t forget to grab a one of the kind pot, and a few accessories for your plants. Below are some of our favorites.

Black Origin Plants

Seeds & Steeze

booSH Nursery

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